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What services do you offer? Do you cover events?
  • I cover all photographic services including group and advertising events, writing and photographs for racing CV's, photographs for your blog or website and working with various publications as a photojournalist. Whether you are an individual or group, I am able to tailor my services to meet your needs.
  • Ring or email me to book.
  • Costs by negotiation.
How do I contact you?
  • You can contact me anytime via email ( or phone (+64 21 769826) or alternatively click the Contact Us tab above and send me a message with your contact details and questions - a courtesy copy of your message will be sent to the email address that you provide.
How do I know what events you will be covering?
  • Check out the Events Calendar tab. If you are attending an event that you would like coverage for, send me an email, or message me through the Contact Us tab.
I see some photographs in the Galleries that I would like to order, how do I go about that?
  • NOTE: You can click between different galleries and continue to add to your order from different events or different galleries without losing your original selection. The process of ordering photo's can commence from either selecting photo's in the Galleries or from the Order Photos tab ('select more photo's' option).
  • After browsing the Galleries and once you have located the photo(s) you wish to order, use the and signs under each photo to add and/or subtract the number of copies you wish to add to your order.
  • Select the Order Photos tab and note that your selection, along with a thumbnail of each order item is listed along with options for both format and size.
  • Select both the format (either Digital or Print) and corresponding size that you require. Your selected options will be highlighted in red and the corresponding price will appear in the right hand column, with the prices totalled at the bottom of the page for easy reference.
  • You can remove items from the ‘Order Summary’ Tab at any time by clicking on the corresponding red on the left side of the item you wish to remove from your order.
  • If you make a mistake and wish to re-add, or order additional items, select the option at the bottom left of the page 'Select More Photo's' which takes you back into the Galleries without losing your original selection.
  • To cancel your order at this stage click on the 'Reset Order' link at the top left which will remove all items from the Order Photos tab.
  • Once you are ready and have checked your order and related prices continue by selecting 'Complete This Order' link at the bottom right of the Order Photos tab. You will then be presented with the order form requiring your name, email address, address for postage of your order and any notes or special instructions that you would like to add.
  • Select 'Submit Order' button and your order is then emailed to me for action, and a copy sent to you as confirmation along with payment details.
  • If you have any special requirements regarding cropping or special effects, please note these requirements in the ‘special instructions’ field on the order form.
I belong to the media and would like to use one of the images, what process do I follow?
  • If you represent the media and require digital files, use the selection option described above and note that you are after MEDIA files on the order confirmation form. If we already have a pricing structure / agreement I will send through the files immediately on receipt of your order, alternatively if we do not have an agreement in place, I will forward purchase and pricing options.
What happens if I make an order and then want to change it?
  • If you would like to add to an order prior to payment and processing, send me through a separate order with the addition and note on the order confirmation form, the original order number (from your confirmation email).
  • There are no refunds once you have purchased an image.
What format can I buy photographs in?
  • Photographs can be purchased in either digital (JPG file format) or print form and include files on CD, glossy prints, calendars and poster options.
  • Digital image are available in a number of sizes, both for web use as well as prepared for optimum high resolution print size. The web use photo's are 72dpi and the avatar sized option will include my logo as a small signature on the bottom right hand side. High resolution digital images for optimum printing (without logo) are provided on an individually customized CD, from optimum print quality digital image (approximately 2400pxl) though to full size optimum quality (approximately 3500pxl), dependant on cropping.
  • High resolution printed images are available on high quality glossy finish photo paper in various sizes
  • Single (or a series of) photo’s can also be developed into a 12 month calendar with individual pages for each month. Select the photos’s you would like printed in the calendar from any of the galleries available and select the printed calendar option (single page event calendar or full 12 month). Please note in the ‘special instructions’ field whether you require a specific calendar year (for example 2010), or whether you would like a calendar starting from the month after the order is placed (for example – starting beginning of August 2009 to end of July 2010). Also, please note in the ‘special instructions’ field if you would like your sponsors logo’s included in the calendar print.
  • Individually designed digital poster files are also available on request (by The creative development of your photo (from the galleries) into a file ready for printing will take some time depending on your needs, and I will work with you to ascertain your full design requirements before we commence work.
  • Canvas mounted prints are available for both photograph and poster options in varying sizes.
How much do the photographs cost?
  • Image prices from the galleries are standard and are included in the ordering process; please contact me for discounts for multiple purchases and individually tailored assignments.
Are there any extra charges?
  • All orders for printed and / or digital images on CD have an additional $NZ 3.50 postage and packing (postage within NZ).
  • Additional charges may apply for travel outside of the greater Wellington area.
Can I buy printed / framed images?
  • Yes - let me know what your requirements are and I am happy to ensure that the print is framed appropriately for you. Price on application
When will my order be processed?
  • All orders will be processed within one week of payment being received.
How do I make payment for my order?
  • Payments can be made by cheque or bank transfer to:
  • Whitfield Factor Ltd
  • Kiwibank 38-9005-0665504-00
  • Please use Order Confirmation Number (top right hand side) as bank reference number
I don't want to buy a photo, I just want a small one to use for an avatar can I use one off this site?
  • No. All images on this site are protected by Copyright
What is my legal entitlement to using any of the images that I purchase?
  • You can purchase the photographs featured on the WF Photography Web site from Chrissie Whitfield in the form of photographic print, on CD, or as the base image for poster development.
  • If you decide to purchase a print, you may not reproduce, display, transmit, distribute or otherwise exploit the print, in any manner, including print or electronic reproduction, publication or any display of photographs, without the prior written consent of Chrissie Whitfield. Prints are intended for your personal use only. You may not use or reproduce a Print in such a manner as to suggest an affiliation with or endorsement by any product, person or entity that is not affiliated with you.
  • You also agree not to modify, alter or otherwise manipulate any digital image without Chrissie Whitfield's prior written consent. If you decide to purchase a CD, you may reproduce this image in whatever size you would like and with as many copies as you require. However, you cannot distribute or otherwise exploit the copies in any manner as to suggest an affiliation with or endorsement by any product, person or entity that is not affiliated with you.
  • The images from a CD are strictly for your personal use.
There is an image of me in your gallery that I didn't give you approval to show, how do I get it removed?
  • If your photograph appears on the WF Photography Web site without your consent and you wish to have it removed, please email me directly at or send me a message by the Contact Us tab with your request.